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    NEW WEBSITE AND FORUMS and much much more! JEFF IS ALIVE


    (I have to post Jeff's comments to you because he has been gone from here so long that he forgot his password

    Jeff says:

    "Hi all! Well, it has been a long "gap" between the Metal cd in early 2007 and the new cd, coming out May 2010. It has also been a long time since I have been here!! That is not going to happen again, I can promise you that! 2007 saw Annihilator kick ass with the METAL cd across Europe and Japan. 2008 was full of mixing and producing gigs for me, as well as a lot of writing. The Masters Of Rock Live show gave us the awesome DVD!! 30,000+ metal fans got to have a lot of fun along with us! (you might have read that we will co-headline again this summer, as well as some other fests!!) 2009 was a slow year for Annihilator, as the euro-label we were on was having problems (SPV RECORDS) and filed for insolvency. Fortunately, for us, we got out of the deal just weeks before they did this!
    This break gave me a chance to do alot of studio work, develop a signature series of flying v guitars for Gibson/Epiphone and work on the new Hughes and Kettner Coreblade guitar amplifier/cabinet. BUT mostly importantly, this slow time allowed me to do something I haven't done since 1984: spending a few YEARS writing a new cd, instead of pumping the cds out every 1.5 years or so! The result is a cd that is quite a step up from the last many. Although I still consider Schizo Deluxe to be the best Annihilator cd since King Of The Kill (1994), this new cd is going to turn some heads. Best produced, best mixed and hopefully one of the best-written in 16 years. Ya, quite a lot of pressure to live up to, saying this, but that is ok. I am quite confident this time, as the 2 years of writing and recording was fun as hell. Isn't that what this is all about? FUN. NOT MONEY. Enjoying what you are doing and being honest to your craft. I still say that this is 1000 times more rewarding than playing the corporate game and I can sleep really well at night! That is a hint to the lead-off song on the new Annihilator cd, titled THE TREND

    OK, new deal with Earache for EUROPE. New deal with Marquee Records for Japan. New deal with Riot Ent. for Australia. New deal in the USA/CAN for online/digital sales. Working on a physical release for North America.

    Great news, I hope, for you guys: We will be switching over to a new website and new forum... all designed to make things easier to navigate AND, most importantly, the forums will kick ass and have a live chat program. My trusted, metal front-man, partner-in-metal-crime DAVE PADDEN and I will finally be here often to hang out with you guys and chat.

    I also want to do something cool for you Schizos that have been here all this time, despite not hearing much at all from us for all that "dead" time. I TRULY appreciate that you have stuck around here and love reading the discussions going on when i can. Dave and I WILL be here regularly.

    Can you guys and gals notify everyone that we will switch over the site in the next week or so? I am hoping that you will not need to re-register in the new forums/site so cross your fingers that our Mediaforce.ca team an import them into the new system!

    I have some cool Annihilator rare things I found in my storage place that I would love to give to some of you (all of you, if I had enough!!!!)

    I am going to open a new thread in the ANNIHILATOR DISCUSSION forum now (called "THANKS SCHIZOS") and all I want you to do is post in the thread, 1 time only, and give me a response to this:

    Metal music has often been perceived as a "negative" form of music by some mainstream media and people who don't understand it. Give an example of something positive that has come out of metal music that would prove it wrong"

    On Tuesday March 9, 2010, I will pick users at RANDOM to win the prizes and then I will message the winners. Cool?! Spread the word quick. You can only win once

    The new site and especially the forums will kick ass, simply because you will be there and because we will be too!The Chat will rock and we look forward to talking with you all and keeping you updated all the time, for once! Spread the word!

    Oh yeah, soon we will be starting the press for the new cd so the new cover, song titles, touring line-up (done and will melt faces onstage!!) and some music will be coming real quick!

    Love and Metal to all of you from Dave, myself, the band and the team!"

    Jeff Waters

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    Any plans to tour your home town of Ottawa?

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