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They are neither your friends nor your enemies and are here only to make sure that some few folks don't get out of hand with language, negative-content, site mis-use and also so that you keep on the topics at hand. Don't ask them to mediate anything, they will simply issue warnings about site mis-use and if these warnings go un-respected, they will simply terminate the user from accessing this site.

We are all here to celebrate metal music so let's all get along and be cool to each other. Remember that Annihilator's fans are known world-wide for being courteous, respectful and probably the BEST metal fans anywhere. Annihilator agree.



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02 - While debating and discussion is fine, we will not tolerate obscenity, insulting posts, personal attacks or purposeless inflammatory posts. Our decision is final in these matters.

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08 - Bashing bands, labels and magazines is occasionally fun and entertaining, but this is not the place to do this. Please refrain from starting posts about how you hate this or that band. Put your energy in saying something positive. I personally have plenty of reasons to dislike some bands, but I will not vent this here or in public.

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11-Rumors about band members are not a good exposure for bands. Before any speculations, just wait for an official statement from JEFF WATERS himself. Rumors about ANNIHILATOR will be locked until the rumor is confirmed.

12-Blatant spamming on this board is not tolerated, your account will be deleted. If a member just comes here to subscribe and post only one thread for their own promo or even a couple of genuine posts before spamming to attempt to veil their spamming they will be banned from using the forums.

13-You can't use other registered members IP to surf the board here
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