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“So the first time that I heard Annihilator, I think it was 1989 and me and Nick Menza and Marty Friedman would listen to the Alice In Hell record, driving to and from rehearsal, all the time… cause we were basically writing the Rust In Peace record; we’d listen to it all the time.  Jeff’s guitar playing was incredible. Annihilator really is Canada’s thrash band; kind of an extension of the Big Four. We have Sepultura in the South, we have Annihilator to the North.  One of the pack, one of the tribe. I love Jeff, I love the band, I love his playing. His compositions are terrific and Alice In Hell was a dear record to me, still is.. I love to listen to it every chance I get. Annihilator rules.”


David Ellefson


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The band is called “ANNIHILATOR” and is led by founding member Jeff Waters. Formed in 1984, the band has released 17 studio cd’s and numerous other live and DVD offerings, with millions in sales. Waters is the guitarist, vocalist, studio bassist & writer for Annihilator as well as a studio owner, producer, engineer and mix & mastering engineer. Killer live shows, lots of touring since 1989 and pure, honest Heavy Metal-meets-Thrash Metal music.



Studio albums

  • Alice in Hell

  • Never, Neverland

  • Set the World on Fire

  • King of the Kill

  • Refresh the Demon

  • Remains

  • Criteria for a Black Widow

  • Carnival Diablos

  • Waking the Fury

  • All for You

  • Schizo Deluxe

  • Metal

  • Annihilator

  • Feast

  • Suicide Society

  • For the Demented



Live albums

  • In Command

  • Double Live Annihilation

  • Live at Masters of Rock


  • Ten Years in Hell

  • Live at Masters of Rock

  • Triple Threat


Extended plays

  • The One



  • Stonewall

  • Never, Neverland

  • Alison Hell

  • Set The World On Fire

  • Phoenix Rising

  • King Of The Kill

  • Only Be Lonely (Japan-only)



  • Bag of Tricks

  • The Best of Annihilator

  • Total Annihilation


THE BAND  (l to r)


Aaron Homma: guitar

Rich Gray: bass

Jeff Waters: vocals & guitar

Fabio Alessandrini: drums

Music videos

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