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JEFF WATERS is Selling Some
   BADASS, one
-of-a-kind Guitars!  

                 ALISON HELL                         DEMENTED                         NEVER, NEVERLAND

                                                         this one has sold


Since Jeff is coming out with a new Signature guitar(s) in 2023, he can't use other brands for the next years. Well-known for his massive collection of guitars, he is offering up some of his most sought-after axes to make room for more!

As well, Jeff is well aware that the prices of these are HIGH!!! They are one-of-a-kind and his, so they will likely only go to serious collectors, rich fans (hehe!) or lottery winners. Yes, the prices are HIGH but THAT'S OK.

Jeff gives away many guitars FOR FREE on his sites and will continue to give you a chance to win one in late 2023. But for now, these rarities will sit here and wait for that one buyer who is either a super fan with lotsa of money to burn or a collector.


1)  NEVER, NEVERLAND guitar:  This is Jeff's prized touring and studio guitar that features an Evertune system, SD pickups and a custom "Never, Neverland" artwork wrap . 
Jeff & Rich put the wrap on so it is absolutely NOT perfect! We cut the wrap and made a lot of mistakes plus there's wear and tear from the road (2019 Europe Tour). 
One-of-a-kind & Jeff's own personal guitar"!
price: 5800 EUROS

2) ALISON HELL guitar: This one was also Jeff's main axe for years and has the same imperfect wrap cut,   normal bridge (not Evertune) and Jeff's Custom Gibson pickups.
Here is the problem with this one: after the 2019 Europe Tour, 2nd guitar player Aaron Homma stored the damn thing in his basement and forgot about it! haha! The result? EVERYTHING/ALL HARDWARE RUSTED & would need to be replaced to restore this guitar to playing condition! To be clear, THIS GUITAR IS NOT PLAYABLE unless you replace pickups, switches, tuners, wiring, etc... likely at least 500 euros to retore... so Jeff thought either a fan or collector would love this for their wall OR a guitar player can restore this gem!
price: 3000 EUROS

3) CRYSTAL ANN Classical Guitar:  Yes, you hear that right! 
Jeff Waters' 'Crystal Ann' classical guitar is up for sale. This is the 1974 Yamaha GC-3D, hand-made Japanese classical guitar that has been used on EVERY Annihilator song that has a classical guitar on it, including 'Crystal Ann' (the first song on Annihilator’s debut release, Alice In Hell back in 1989), 'Phoenix Rising' and a few dozen more! This guitar was given to Jeff in 1974 when he was only 8 years old, and has produced some of the most excellent and influential playing in metal guitar history.
If that is a bold statement, then consider that music schools across the world teach students                 "CRYSTAL ANN" and it's played by guitarists, in all forms of music, all over the globe. 
price:  We have received an offer of MORE than 10,000 EUROS for this guitar
please email for your offer: 

- prices firm except CRYSTAL ANN guitar
- shipping, customs, taxes, duties are responsiblility of buyer
- all come with a case and we will throw in some goodies for you!
- no returns
- all guitars/items as-is

If you wish to purchase any items on this page or make a bid on the CRYSTAL ANN guitar, please email us at



Rusty, Worn, Neglected  & AMAZING "ALISON HELL" guitar!
Either put it in a display case or hang on a wall OR restore this legend!

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