2010 Custom Gibson Jeff Waters pickups; found only in his 2010 signature Epiphone “Annihilation” model.

These are the actual model of pickups put in Jeff’s first signature Epiphone “ANNIHILATION” guitar, back in 2010.


The bridge pickup is custom wound to capture Jeff’s strict specifications of being able to get the “crunch” a la Gibson/Seymour Duncan-style but without the gritty tone that comes from most EMG-style pickups. This pickup  gives less of a “digital grit” sound and more of a warm, cleaner 80’s traditional Heavy Metal/ Thrash Metal tone. It also lets the user add as much gain, via an amp or pedal-in-front, rather than adding too much that can’t be taken out later.

The neck pickup is a very warm and clean version that really brings out the best in Gibson pickups when used in conjunction with the bridge pickup. Using both these pickups simultaneously, with volume and tone on full, is exactly how Jeff gets his clean tones on the records.


SOLD ONLY AS A PAIR, there are only 6 pairs of these pickups left in existence and were sent to Jeff as backup/replacement sets for his 2010-2015 run of these guitars; he never once needed to change them! Reliable!